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Drain Cleaning

If you are having drain problems in the Lapeer or Davison Michigan area, then you can rely on J.W. Bliss Plumbing to remedy them fast, with a level of service that is second to none.

Whatever your blockage, J.W. Bliss Plumbing can help get your blocked or clogged drains up and running again in no time. With the latest in diagnostic technology and experience in removing even the most stubborn blockages, you can be sure that your drains are in safe hands.

Drain Cleaning services by J.W. Bliss Plumbing

What Types Of Drain Cleaning Services Do We Offer?

From the know-how, gentle finesse, and biological drain cleaning of the smallest clogged sink to the high-powered hydro-jetting required to free up blocked drain and sewer lines without damaging chemicals – your premier Lapeer plumber can handle it.

What Are The Benefits Of Drain Cleaning?

One of the further benefits of the technology we employ is that we can actually clean a drain, whereas rooter technology just clears a path. Cleaning rather than just clearing a backup can help to prevent future backups that can cause major damage and insurance repairs.

What Types Of Drain Cleaning Products Do We Use?

J.W. Bliss Plumbing is proud to introduce BIO-Clean into its drain cleaning practice. BIO-Clean is a blend of bacteria and enzymes. The bacteria is natural, not genetically engineered, and the enzyme concentration is the most powerful on the market.

Using BIO-Clean is very safe for people, plumbing, and the environment. It is non-poisonous and creates no heat, fumes, or boiling. It is also very effective. After pouring BIO-Clean into the drain system, it begins to eat away at the accumulated waste on the side and top of the drain pipes.


Some Of The Things That Bio-Clean Can Help Are:

  • Unclogging Toilets
  • Unclogging a Sink
  • Unclog Bathtub Drain
  • Dishwasher Drain Clogged
  • And more…
Bio Clean Drain Cleaner product

Do We Provide Drain Repairs?

If you have a serious problem with your drain or sewer lines – from root damage to collapses – J.W. Bliss Plumbing can pinpoint the problem with the latest in diagnostic technology, which saves you from unnecessary work and takes the guesswork out of choosing the right remedy for your home or business.


What Are Signs Of Drainage Problems?

  • The drain seems to be clogged
  • Sink stopper doesn’t stop water
  • Pipes Leaking

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