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Well Tanks & Pumps

Having Well Pump Or Tank Problems?

Do you have a well that provides water to your home in Lapeer or Davison, MI? Over time, all well tanks and pumps can start having problems. When you’re experiencing problems with your water well tank or pump, J.W. Bliss Plumbing can provide fast, reliable, and affordable solutions.

The sketch shown below shows the components of a typical residential water well, well pump, water pressure tank, and water pump control system. With such a complex system, it can be hard to determine what may be causing an issue or problem with your well tank, pump, or pressure tank. Our team will diagnose the problem, perform necessary repairs, or provide well-pressure tank installation.

The list below will outline a few of the common problems that residents or commercial businesses may have with their water supply.

Well Tanks & Pumps installed by J.W. Bliss Plumbing

What Are The Signs You Need A New Water Well Tank?

  • No or Low Water Flow
  • Leak in piping system
  • Pump starting and stopping frequently
  • Water pressure drops
  • Lost air in the water tank
  • Water pressure control or water pump control switch sticking “on” or “off”

What Are Common Problems With Well Tanks & Pumps?

  • Incorrect voltage to pump
  • Damaged wiring
  • Faulty motor
  • Faulty pressure switch
  • Pressure switch setting is incorrect

What Are Signs Of A Bad Water Well Pump?

If your home water supply stops and takes minutes to hours to recover, you may have problems with the well flow rate. But the problem of lost water supply and pressure could be more mechanical: a bad well pump. The well pump, in turn, could have been damaged or hastened to the end of its life by a bad water pressure tank. This can cause short cycling of the pump motor, which can burn up the pump relay control.

What Causes Water Tank Short Cycling?

Short cycling of the water pump means that the water pump keeps turning on and off rapidly whenever you’re running water at one or more fixtures in the building.

How Can You Tell Your Water Pump System Is Short-Cycling?

  • Water pressure pulses, that is, the pressure goes from strong to weak, at a short time interval ranging from just a few seconds to perhaps a minute.
  • The water pump turns on and off rapidly, at the same time interval. You may hear the pump motor running and stopping and running again.
  • The water pressure gauge oscillates from high to low pressure rapidly at the same time interval. You can use this method if your well pump is not located in the building where you can hear it. The pump itself may be outside in a well pit or down in the well itself (a submersible well pump).

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